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Pest and Fire Ant Prevention FAQ

What does the Deal include?
Our Pest Specialists will inspect your home and yard to locate all current pest issues. We will then treat the current pest issues and will complete a full interior/exterior pest prevention treatment, including attics and crawl spaces. We will also treat your yard for fire ants. Furthermore, this treatment will act as prevention against future infestations of fleas and ticks. Treatment residuals are typically 90 days.

Does my home and property qualify for this deal?
This deal includes pest treatment and prevention for homes that are 3000 sq. ft. or less. If your home is larger than 3000 sq. ft., there will be a small additional fee depending on the actual size of your home. The deal also includes treatment for fire ants and prevention for fleas and ticks up to a 100 ft. radius around your home. If you need treatment beyond the 100 ft. radius, there will be a small additional fee depending on the actual size of your desired treated area. The deal is limited to 1 per household and the voucher must be presented at time of service.

Does your pest prevention and fire ant service really work?
Yes! We have thousands of customers that take advantage of our Perimeter Guard Pest Protection service and our fire ant prevention. Completing a one-time service will definitely keep pests at bay for a while, but ongoing quarterly treatments are needed in order to ensure a pest-free environment for your home.

If I sign up for ongoing service, how does that work?
You will be placed into our Perimeter Guard Pest Protection program. Under this program, we will visit your home quarterly to set up our 10 ft. wide pest prevention zone around your home. We will also treat active pest issues, treat common pest entry points, remove spider webs, and inspect for conducive pest conditions. If desired, we will also treat your yard for fire ants, fleas, and ticks. Our Perimeter Guard Pest Protection program is guaranteed, if you have any pest issues between services, we will return for free!

What pests are covered under this deal?
We will treat for ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, and numerous other crawling insects. We will also treat for fire ants, fleas, and ticks in the yard. Remember, this is a preventative only treatment for fleas and ticks, if you have an active infestation of these pests, you will require a different treatment style and additional fees will apply. Our pest service does not cover German roach infestations, flying insects, bed bugs, rodents, wood eating insects, active fleas, or active ticks; however, we can take care of these issues for you. Please call our office for details.

Is this service safe for my family and pets?
Yes! Our Specialists use great care when applying materials around your home. We will only use what is absolutely necessary on the interior of your home to treat current issues and to prevent future issues. Materials will be applied in areas that are not easily accessible for children and pets and the majority of our service happens on the exterior of your home. We recommend that people and pets stay out of treated areas for a minimum of 3 hours. After that, your home and yard will be safe for use and will be pest free!

How much does ongoing pest and fire ant service cost?
Our deal customers qualify for our Perimeter Guard Pest Protection and fire ant service for a quarterly fee of $110 for homes that meet the size requirements. If you only want the pest service and not the fire ant service, the quarterly fee is $79. There is no deadline to sign up to qualify for these discounts and there is no requirement to sign up for ongoing service, it's up to you!

Do I have to sign a contract?
We must have your signed permission to treat your property for pests. The agreement is for a one-time service only, unless you request ongoing service.

Have more questions? Call our office at 770.476.0130 or send us an email and we'll contact you as soon as possible!



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